Pastor Julie & Brad Lake

Brad & Julie Lake have been married for over 30 years and have three grown children, a daughter in law and son in law, as well as four grandchildren. One thing is for sure when you spend any amount of time with Pastor Julie and Brad you see the love that they have for one another, and the love they share with their family is a strong bond held only because Christ Jesus is in the center of them all. 

Pastor Julie has a great big heart for people she says spiritually and practicality are synonymous terms to our Lord. Hoosier hospitality is never forgetting, a stranger could be an angel Hebrews 13:2. See her vision led, reaching out like a river flowing with the truth of God's Word. RMTI is just part of the rivers resource center, our website will keep you updated on intensive sessions that will be made available to you. Our pastor’s mission is clear to bring experienced anointed, gifted relevant teaching for the Word of God is our core-training theme. Such purpose so we can impart and invest into every disciple-student young and old to prepare them to live supernatural lifestyles that will impact their world. To be a true kingdom of God workers here and now, it’s harvest time!

Here at the river we are experiencing the Holy Spirit's surging waves of renewal that is breaking forth in our lives and leaving watermarks. The signs are distinctive for those who hunger for more and those who will rise and continue in moving forward. This mighty wave of renewal here at the River is engulfing our leaders our congregation and this is the hour for Rekindling and Release
(2nd Timothy 1:6) influencing our homes and communities and dynamically impacting all with the Truth of God's Holy Word and moving forward in His commissioned. Our Heavenly Father is pouring out His presence here at the River and the water is rising (remember Ezekiel 47 the river was flowing from the temple of God) Let the River Flow! Revelation 22:1 The water of life proceeding from His throne, No one can set the Rivers boundaries our water levels. No one can stand in front of a River that is full and moving in power! (Acts2:16-17) "And it shall be in the Last Days that I will Pour out My Spirit". We are seeing a landmark event with a distinct sense of gratitude and humility. We choose to stand together in unity flowing in His presence .Call to unity as in union with on the same road in following Christ. Follow: same way Keluethos- road Akolutheo- being on the same road / roadway /narrow way Unity-echadh - the Hebrew word for (One)
As the waves of this renewal have been spreading, the common denominator of those who this wave engulfs is their hunger for Him and surrender to His will. We hear and see miracles each service! Salvations of our loved ones! And healings for those who were diagnosed with terminal cancers! Deliverance from depression- addictions and bondge of demonic powers all destroyed by the Blood of the Lamb and their testimonies. For all will see and declare only God could do such an awesome thing in our mist. John 14:13 Ask and believe Him for more. He has a storehouse for us to receive and by His grace achieve for His Kingdoms purpose and Glory.Come and set your heart with us to be ready for the next advance deposit- visitation-water to rise-new level come expecting.Faith pleases our God. Remember with God all things are possible! We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus!
Romans 8:37. More than conquerors in Hebrew meaning: hupernikao (the Greek word for Nike< (add check mark to do for New Year)
Just do it!
Come be a part of the River flowing with the good news of the gospel.
Pastor Julie & Brad understand how our lives need the truth of God's Word everyday. They are just as we are living life by standing on biblical principles and trusting His Word in their own situations. Since 1998 they stepped out into the call of God to minster the Gospel here in Brazil Indiana and are still witnessing the blessings of that first step of faith and realizing the God size vision to reach out from highway 40 is just getting started.